All our loft conversions come with a ten year insurance backed guarantee for peace of mind.



Loft conversions are a unique and creative way of extending unused space in your home. This home extension project transforms an empty attic space into a valuable and usable room as well in most cases increasing the price of your home. At Michael Ford Building we are the experts in loft conversions in Liverpool, whether you have a detached,semi-detached or terraced home, we will professionally add an extension to your existing roof space. This will give you the extra space you desire without the stress of having to move to a larger house as your family grows.

Benefits of loft conversions;

  • Cost effective
  • Add value to your home
  • Creates an extra functional living space

We are on hand to offer a full and cost effective service to relieve the stress and pressure of your home extension in Liverpool. Loft conversions are a great home extension design to improve and in most cases add more value to your home. With our years of experience in constructing loft conversions, we will help to create your own loft conversion dream into reality.

We have built many different types and sizes of loft conversions in Liverpool for our customers by converting lofts into beautiful spaces at a very competitive price.

Loft conversions come in many types depending on your existing roof design, budget, planning rules, regulations and personal preferences. Some types of loft conversion offered by Michael Ford Building are:

  • Mansard Loft Conversion. Very complex, large scale of work needed, requires planning permission
  • Dormer Loft Conversion. May or may not require planning permission, easier and cheaper to construct. And the most popular.
  • Hip to Gable Conversion. May or may not require planning permission. is usually built when a house has 3 separate slanting sides of its roof.

Are you looking for a loft conversion specialist in Liverpool? Whether it is working on timber frames, putting in new staircases, fire regulations, windows, or changing the supporting walls, we have the skills and expertise to make your loft conversion a reality. We will work with you to the finest detail to build a loft conversion that will suit your family needs.

Our highly experienced team will consult with you every step of the way; we guarantee a top quality, solid, loft conversion. Our loft conversions come with a professional finishing touch, giving you the assurance you need when deciding to go ahead with any building work in your home.

We carry out our work efficiently and without too much stress or disturbance to your neighbours or your day to day living. Contact us today for a cost efficient, quality and beautiful loft conversion.